What separates Chow Yun Fat from the rest of the celebrities out there? His endearing and down-to-earth personality.

While most celebrities steadfastly avoid the media—or paparazzi—and taking the public transport, this veteran Hong Kong actor is not one of them.

Before he wrapped up his four-day Project Gutenberg promo tour in Taipei, the actor made one last pit stop at the Yangmingshan National Park for his morning jog.

When he left his hotel at the ungodly hour of 6.30am yesterday, he was welcomed by a group of reporters staking outside. Instead of pulling a face or avoiding the cameras, the 63-year-old gamely greeted reporters, waving and wearing a huge grin on his face.

He even invited reporters to “follow me for a jog” – an invitation that could not be refused as they followed him all the way to Yangminshan National Park, before he took a flight home later in the day.

According to Taiwan media, Fat Gor did his morning jog in the drizzling rain on a “challenging” route, and when he saw reporters trailing behind, he cheekily quipped, “Do you guys not exercise?”

At one point, he reportedly told reporters who were struggling to keep up to his pace, “If you run on a daily basis, you guys will be as fit as me lah!”

He finished his jog in an hour and returned to the starting point, apologising for having kept the media waiting for him.

Before he ended his short visit to Yangmingshan National Park, Fat Gor (aka selfie king and Mr. Nice Guy) offered to take photos with everyone present to make up for making them wait time.

Humble and unassuming, it’s no wonder Chow Yun Fat’s one of the most respected actors in Asian showbiz.

Project Gutenberg (PG13) is now showing at all cinemas.

Photos: PBE Media

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