Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok, Paulyn Sun (also known as Suen Kai Kwan or Alien Sun) and more attended a press conference for their new film Project Gutenberg in Hong Kong on August 27.

Yun Fat admitted that his many action scenes in the film were very challenging to him as he has not done an action film in a long time. "However, I'm glad to work with Aaron again after so many years - there are a lot of sparks between us!" he said. As for Aaron, he barely has any action scenes. Yun Fat joked, "He is a new father, so he should be more careful at work. Let me handle the risky parts!"

Aaron praised Yun Fat, saying, "He is a professional actor. He trained for several months to prepare for the role. Yun Fat becomes a totally different person in front of the camera, which is amazing to watch."

He then talked about Yun Fat's famous selfie-taking habit. "We took photos together every day after work in Chiang Mai and Canada. The weather was so good and the landscape was so beautiful. We are very happy to have so many good pictures."

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