Chow Yun Fat credits Best Actor win to Aaron Kwok

The ‘Project Gutenberg’ actor thanked his co-star for his win at the Chinese American Film Festival

chow yun fat aaron kwok

The 14th Chinese American Film Festival kicked off on October 28, with all eyes on the Golden Angel Awards Ceremony, which was held a day after the opening. There, Chow Yun Fat and Li Bingbing were crowned the Best Leading Actor and Actress of the Year respectively.

Yun Fat emerged victorious for his role in action flick Project Gutenberg, and although the actor was unable to make it to the ceremony, he shared his thanks after knowing about his win. In his speech, he thanked the countless crew members who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. He also thanked director Felix Chong and producer Ronald Wong “for giving me such an amazing role. I’ve never seen such a special character, so I was very happy (to have been offered the role).”

In addition, he gave a special shout-out to his co-star Aaron Kwok. “I’m thankful to Ah Cheng (an affectionate nickname for Aaron) for acting so well. Without him doing so well, you wouldn’t have seen this side of Chow Yun Fat as well, and my role as the Painter wouldn’t have been as great as it is. Every scene in the movie was elevated this way.”

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Li Bingbing picked up the Best Leading Actress of the Year award for her role in thriller The Meg, which also picked up a gong for the China-US Film Cooperation Award.

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