Chinese singer-actor Xiao Yang denies upsetting Andy Lau with diva behaviour

An anonymous netizen claimed that the younger star's attitude while filming the movie 'Sheep Without A Shepherd' angered the Heavenly King


Filming for Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau’s upcoming movie Sheep Without A Shepherd is currently underway, and a trailer for the film was released last Friday (Nov 15).

However, the release of the trailer was marred by a short video posted online by an anonymous netizen who claimed to be “part of the production crew” for the movie.

In the video, Andy can be seen standing near a few of his younger co-stars. Among those present was Chinese singer-actor Xiao Yang. The production crew was also spotted standing near them.

According to the netizen, the actors could not meet the director’s exacting standards, causing them to have to shoot certain scenes multiple times. As a result, Xiao Yang is said to have gotten frustrated at their slow progress and continued to touch up his makeup even when the director called for filming to start.

While the production crew scrambled to accommodate Xiao Yang, Andy was left standing to one side with his props in his hand, waiting for the younger actor. Xiao Yang’s actions were said to upset Andy.

The production studio behind Sheep Without A Shepherd has since come forward to deny the rumours, posting an official statement on Weibo. As they “did not wish to give away too much of the movie’s plot”, all they would say was that the video that was posted online was taken during filming, and that it was part of the movie’s plot. They then urged everyone to watch the movie when it is released in cinemas in order to fully understand what was going on.

Xiao Yang also posted a short statement on his personal Weibo, sharing that Andy “is everyone's idol”.

“To be able to work with him is something that I’m grateful for. Something like that would never happen (as I would never do such a thing),” he wrote.

Photos: PBE Media

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