Chinese media report that Fan Bingbing has a new man in her life

Netizens are less than impressed with their ‘evidence’, however

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Former power couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announced that they were breaking up in June, which surprised many as the pair seemed to be getting along well, with rumours of an impending marriage on the horizon.

At the time, many believed that the breakup was just a ploy for the Chinese actress to gain sympathy in the eyes of the public, and to build up her reputation as an independent woman who is capable of doing well on her own.

Since then, however, it seems that Chinese media outlets have changed their minds, with many reporting that she has already moved on to a new man in her life.

Their evidence? She was spotted at a restaurant last week, where she posed for photos with the restaurant’s staff. In the photos, a shiny new ring was spotted on the ring finger on her right hand. While a ring on a woman’s right hand usually does not bear any particular significance, Chinese media outlets were convinced that she is seeing someone new.

However, netizens were less than impressed with this flimsy reasoning, with many of them commenting that the reports were “ridiculous”.

Among some of the choice comments include, “Are you crazy? Do you really think that Fan Bingbing can’t afford to buy a ring and that she needs a man to buy one for her?”, along with “Did someone make up a rule that wearing a ring on your right ring finger means that you’re in a relationship? I’d better remove mine before all the eligible men around me think that I’m taken!”

Photos: PBE Media

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