Chinese Columnist Says Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse Have Split Up And He Will Eat Dog Poo If He’s Wrong

Must it come down to this?

Just when you thought that Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse’s relationship was headed for happily ever after, in comes a famed Chinese gossip columnist to dog poo (you’ll get this reference soon) all over one of showbiz’s most loved couples.

faye nic airport
Faye and Nic were spotted kissing at the airport in February this year. The couple had rekindled their relationship in 2014 after splitting up for 11 years. (PHOTO: APPLE DAILY)

According to the notorious writer, whose nickname is, um, ‘Big Mouth Song’, Faye and Nic’s relationship took a turn for the worse after her critically-scorned, financially disastrous New Year’s Eve concert this year. Wrote Big Mouth Song on his Weibo: “A reliable showbiz source revealed that the couple recently signed a break-up contract, but would appear together in public if it was for commercial events. Earning money was the real reason behind their relationship. The public loves to read gossip and the only way Faye, who is nearing 50, can appear relevant is through boy-girl relationships, while Nick, who spends money like water, is only with Faye because she can help him make money.”

Extremely damning stuff, right? But Big Mouth Song is apparently so certain about the veracity of his scoop that he declared in the same post that if what he had written turns out to be false, he would “live stream a video of myself eating 400 grams of dog poo”. There’s also another reason that people on the Internet are taking Big Mouth Song’s words seriously. The dude had previously written scoops on Cecilia Cheung’s nude photo scandal, the media ban on Tang Wei after Lust, Caution, and the rumour that Faye’s daughter Li Yan has a cleft lip, all of which turned out to be true.

So what should all of us do now? Easy. Sit back, relax but put away that box of popcorn ’cos you may or may not be watching someone eat dog poo soon. 

Update: Nicholas has responded to the allegation on his Facebook with this very succinct remark: "I can't wait to see him eat poo." 

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