Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu accused of domestic violence again

The new accusations come a year after his previous girlfriend accused him of the same offence.


Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu has been accused of domestic violence again, a year after his ex-girlfriend, Japanese non-celebrity Haruka Nakaura, took to her Instagram accusing him of the same offence.

In November last year, Haruka shared pictures of herself all bruised up on Instagram, revealing that Jinfu had hit her. 

In a series of follow-up posts, she wrote that she was “a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my boyfriend,” and that she has since made a report to the authorities. 

Jinfu later apologised in a Weibo post, accepting responsibility for his actions. The actor, who was once touted as Chinese actor Hu Ge’s successor, was then taken into custody by the authorities in Japan. However, he was later released, with all charges against him dropped.

Since then, the disgraced actor has kept out of the spotlight. In July this year, it was reported that he was in a relationship with a non-celebrity from Uruguay, Julieta.

Julieta used to post photos of them together on Instagram, however, all this stopped in July. When a netizen contacted her via Instagram to ask if she had “gone on holiday with Jinfu recently”, Julieta replied on Tuesday (Nov 26) “The further away (Jinfu is) from me, the better!”. Her reply was deleted soon after.

On Wednesday (Nov 27), Julieta uploaded another post, accusing Jinfu of domestic violence again. She compared the time she spent with the 28-year-old to being in jail, writing, “He (Jinfu) is a control freak, someone who is prone to violence and gets jealous easily.”

She then went on to share that Jinfu refused to let her meet her friends, and insisted on checking her phone to monitor her activities and conversations.


“If he leaves the house for 30 minutes, I have to send an extra long text message to him, if not, he’ll go crazy,” she added.

Julieta also accused Jinfu of laying hands on her, alleging that the actor had “used his hands to smash my laptop, and used scissors to cut all my bank cards into pieces”.

She shared that Jinfu had hit her numerous times on various parts of her body, including her stomach, and had pressured her to get pregnant.

“Once, while he was driving, he went crazy and said that he wanted to crash the car so that we could die together,” she wrote.

Finally, she shared that all these had happened within two months, and that she only managed to escape him in August this year. After recuperating for three months, she had decided to make her story public, to warn other females, as well as to encourage those who are in a similar situation to gather up the courage to leave their abusers.

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Chinese actor apologises after girlfriend accuses him of domestic violence

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