Cheryl Yang, who announced her marriage to businessman Ben in December last year, attended a promotional event for a fashion brand in Taipei on May 6.

TPG reports that the Taiwanese actress had just returned from her honeymoon in Malaysia. “I tried diving and even saw sharks!” she said. “I’m now in the midst of reading scripts to decide my next project.”

When asked about her personal style preferences, Cheryl revealed that she likes to wear long skirts and long pants, even though she often gets made fun of by her friends for it. “They would tease me and say things like, ‘You’re here to help people sweep the floor again!’” she laughed.

As for her husband, she shared that he doesn’t really pay much attention to her clothes, but she has noticed that he tends to praise her looks more often when she’s dressed in a simple white T-shirt and jeans. “Perhaps he is too used to seeing me all dressed up.”

Cheryl was then asked about the possibility of a honeymoon baby, to which she responded, “We do plan to have kids but we want to leave it up to fate and not treat it like ‘homework’ that we must get done. We like things to go with the flow, just like our marriage registration, which happened very casually.”

​​​​​​​Photos: TPG

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