Cheryl Yang denies shotgun wedding speculations

The 41-year-old announced that she is married via social media

cheryl yang

Love is in the air as Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang announced that she has tied the knot with her businessman boyfriend, known only to the media as Ben. The couple has been dating for two years and have been open with their relationship after the early stages of dating.

She made the surprise announcement on her Facebook account on December 18, attaching three photos of herself with Ben showing off their wedding bands to the camera.

"Hello everyone! This is Mrs. Chen. No longer Miss Yang, and I really love and treasure this new identity of mine. From the very first day till now, I always looked forward to seeing you the most. You always gave me the warmest of smiles and a love that fills me up, and I'm thankful for you for the last 1095 days of my life. Love has made us support and look after one another while growing together." 

“In the days ahead, we must continue to bother one another for the rest of our lives, Mr. Chen," she gushed.

This piece of news was met with congratulations from both her fans and fellow celebrities.

However, some netizens have suspected that Cheryl also has a bun in the oven because of her hashtag, 'Don’t ask me why it was today, it was just a fu'. As she did not enter the Chinese character for the 'fu', some wondered if she wanted to hide what she really meant to say. However, her agency has quickly denied these rumours and stated that Ben had proposed to Cheryl during one of her birthday parties in early December.

The couple has no plans to hold a wedding banquet as they are said to prefer to keep their love life out of the spotlight.

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