Cherrie Ying put her acting career on hold because of her son

The actress could not bear to be apart from her only child


Hong Kong singer Jordan Chan’s appearance on the reality show, Dad, Where Are We Going? with his son Jasper Chan propelled the six-year-old to stardom, with Jordan and his wife, Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying experiencing a revival in their respective careers as well.

Recently, Cherrie guested on a talk show, where she shed more light on how she maintains her work-life balance.

The 36-year-old shared that she had initially thought that she would be able to return to work soon after giving birth to Jasper. Thus, six months after giving birth, the actress accepted an offer for a new acting project. However, she ended up missing Jasper so much that she cried every night in her hotel room after filming."

“I was filming in Shenzhen, China, and it was torture… I cried every single night,” she admitted.


Later, after the show aired, Cherrie shared a short clip from the show online, with a longer caption elaborating more about her thoughts as a working mum.

“Jasper is six years old now, and I’ve become an actress who does not act (anymore). In these six years, I’ve tried to go back to filming two times. Once in Shenzhen, and the other time in Shanghai. At the start, I thought that I’ll be able to leave (Jasper behind). But, in the end, I was often crying alone in my hotel room at night. I never knew that I was such a crybaby. Every time my phone rang, I’d watch the videos (of Jasper) that was sent over, just like a fool,” she wrote.

In the end, the actress decided to fly back to Hong Kong whenever she had a break from filming, even if she only had a single day off. Although she admitted that it was hard on her to be constantly flying back and forth, she felt more at ease after seeing her son.

“I never missed any of Jasper’s milestones as he grew older. The first time he smiled, rolled over, stood up and walked, talked, and his first birthday. There were so many first times, just like that, six years passed. I’m thankful to him, for having being with me through so many unforgettable memories, and for having given me so many colorful memories (as well),” she concluded.

Jordan and Cherrie married in 2010 and welcomed Jasper, their only child, in 2013.

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