Cherrie Ying leaves a heartfelt message for son

The actress’s son returned to school for a new semester recently


After all the excitement and fun of filming for the new season of Chinese variety-reality show, Where Are We Going Dad?, 5-year-old Jasper Chan returned to school to start a new semester.

His mum, Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying uploaded a picture of Jasper carrying a huge backpack while walking to school, and wrote a heartfelt caption to accompany it.

“(My) child, I want you to study hard, not because I want to compare your results with your peers, but because I hope for you to have the privilege to choose. To be able to choose a job that is meaningful and leaves you with enough spare time so that you’ll wouldn’t have to be forced to work (in a job that you dislike) just so that you can earn a living” she wrote.

Though her message was relatively short, her earnest feelings and thoughts struck a chord with fans and netizens alike, who left comments agreeing with her message.


Photos: PBE Media

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