Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen are not having a cold war

Chinese reports claimed that he was stopping her from seeing their son


Celebrity couple Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao are the latest couple in showbiz to be accused of discord, with reports alleging that they are currently engaged in a cold war. 

According to Chinese reports, the couple, who tied the knot three years ago, got into a big fight recently. Following their fight, Chen Xiao sent the couple’s son, nicknamed ‘Little Star’, to his parents' home.

Since then, Michelle is said to have been unable to see her son, as both of them refuse to take a step back. This was supported by Michelle's earlier statement that she has not seen her son in a while due to her work commitments.

Sstaff members from Chen Xiao’s management agency were quick to refute the rumours. The actor himself also expressed his growing displeasure with such reports in an interview.

“Once we reply to the reports, they will end up escalating. It’s not that easy being a public figure. We aren't able to have a peace of mind even when we're just living our lives,” he said.

Michelle also indirectly refuted the reports by uploading pictures of Little Star feeding a rabbit on her Instagram account, with the caption, “(His) first time feeding rabbits”.

The couple also refuted the claims of a cold war by uploading a family photo onto Weibo to wish her husband a happy birthday.

“It’s been hard on Mr Chen, who’s been filming round the clock. I wish you a good night’s sleep every day, and for the hard work that you've always put in to pay off. Happy birthday,” she wrote.

Photos: Michelle Chen/Instagram

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