Chen Hanwei’s record-breaking Best Actor win at SA2019

Zoe Tay is also on track to becoming most awarded of Best Actresses at Star Awards.

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History was made at last night’s Star Awards 2019 when Chen Hanwei picked up his sixth Best Actor trophy for his role in A Million Dollar Dream. This makes him the actor with the most wins in this category, breaking the record previously held by five-time victor Xie Shaoguang.

His co-star Zoe Tay is also on track to becoming the star with the most Best Actress wins, after she was honoured for her part in the same show. This officially places her in a four-way tie with Chen Liping, Huang Biren, and Ivy Lee, who also have three trophies each, for the distinction.

“I feel very comfortable winning the award with Zoe tonight,” shared Hanwei in an interview at the post-show party. “We were always very shocked [to win] in previous years, but after so long, we both know that we made it here with our hard work.” The BFFs were both accorded the same accolades in 2017.

“Coincidentally,” he continued. “Star Search is happening again [Ed’s note: Zoe and Hanwei both joined the inaugural 1988 edition of the talent search programme, which Zoe won], so when potential participants look at how far Zoe and I have come, they will feel encouraged.”

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Zoe, 51, admitted that she had hoped she and Hanwei would get the chance to win awards together again, and sure enough, her wish came true. “I feel that A Million Dollar Dream is a very high-quality drama and the cast members were all very happy to be on the same set - we felt like we were a family,” she gushed, praising Hanwei for nailing every scene he was in.

Both A-listers then acknowledged executive producer Winnie Wong, who also worked on You Can Be an Angel 2 (the drama that landed Zoe her previous Best Actress crown), as well as several other shows that helped earn Hanwei four gongs in the past. “Maybe she really has a special ability!” Hanwei quipped, as Zoe agreed, “She really puts in a lot of effort for every production.”

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Also getting a special mention from Hanwei was his famous good luck charm. “I stopped wearing a black rose for a few years but since this is the Star Awards’ 25th anniversary, I decided to take one out for some ‘sightseeing’,” he explained.

The 49-year-old then confessed that he wasn’t particularly fond of his floral accessory, which he only managed to find a few days ago, but he still decided to wear it to the ceremony anyway. “I took it off just now but Desmond [Tan] told me to put it on, so I did, just for the feels.”

Now that they’ve achieved so much, what other accomplishments does the duo hope for?

“Winning awards is a bonus and it serves as a motivation for us to work harder,” Zoe mused modestly. Hanwei added, “We’ve never really thought about it, but we did joke that we haven’t been nominated for Best Evergreen Artiste, so perhaps that is next for us?”

“Maybe they don’t think I’m very chang qing (evergreen),” said Zoe. Hanwei’s cheeky response: “No lah, you’re just chang qi (long-winded).”

Never change, you two.

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