Chen Bolin still in contact with Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko

The 32-year-old is glad that Jaycee and Kai are fine and he hopes the public can give the two a second chance


Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin dispelled rumours about him keeping a distance from good friends Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko yesterday, stating that he is still in close contact with them.

Bolin, who is known to be a chummy friend to both Jaycee and Kai, had remained silent throughout the period when the two have been charged, found guilty and convicted of illegal drug use after a raid at Jaycee’s home last August.

Bolin’s avoidance of questions on Jaycee and Kai had previously led to speculations that he had intentionally distanced himself from the two.

However, when Bolin went on a talk show yesterday (Jan 15) to promote his new film Miss Granny with director Lester Chen, the actor revealed for the first time that he regularly contacted the two and is glad to know that the two are doing well now. Bolin also hoped that the public could give his friends a second chance.

When asked the reason for not commenting on their friendship previously, Bolin said remaining silent was the best way he could protect Jaycee and Kai.

As for Jaycee recently announced to have a reduced sentence of 6-month imprisonment, Bolin said frankly, “I waited in front of the television that morning for the verdict and when I heard of the final outcome, I was on the verge of crying as I was very happy.”


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