Fiona Sit and Karena Ng attended the opening ceremony of a hair salon in Hong Kong on September 12.

Fiona is set to shoot a reality show about running a restaurant business in China. She said, "I thought it would be fun, but when the staff asked me what kind of ingredients to prepare for me, I panicked. I don’t know how to cook at all! I have been called a 'chef from hell'. Now I'm learning how to cook four or five dishes from my mother."

However, she added that at the moment, she plans to focus more on her clothing business, and will only learn to cook more properly after marriage. Karena said that she would be interested to open a restaurant if she could find a good business partner, but at the moment, she is too busy with work.

When asked about her rumoured new boyfriend, real estate heir and businessman Brian Shi, Karena, whose breakup with Raymond Lam was confirmed earlier this year, clarified that she is single. "I just knew Brian for a short time." She also laughingly said that her number of suitors is "not as many as people would think".

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