Cheer Chen, Tiger Chung announce breakup after 18 years of dating

The former couple called it quits two years ago


In a surprise announcement yesterday (May 7), Taiwanese singer-songwriter Cheer Chen and Taiwanese music producer Tiger Chung announced on their respective social media pages that they broke up two years ago.

Cheer and Tiger have always worked together closely with each other on their music, and are also in a band, The Verse, together. 

The announcement, which was signed by both parties, read, “ You can have a successful relationship in many different ways. We know that our relationship is not in the public eye, nor is it headline fodder. In a relationship, other than to the two parties involved, we don't see the need to explain (ourselves) to anyone. However, in order to prevent rumours and hearsay from replacing the truth, we’ve decided to announce to everyone, that in this world, a peaceful love exists.”


Continuing, Cheer and Tiger shared that every relationship progresses on to a different stage as time goes on.

“For some people, (the next stage) is marriage. Two years ago, we chose a better alternative for our relationship and became friends. Even if we’re not lovers anymore, in the future, we’ll always be close friends and colleagues who have the best chemistry. As each other’s eternal supporter, we wish the other well, and will never lose sight of the other. (These) 18 years have never caused us to question love. On the contrary, we’re more willing to love and be loved. (Only when) you know how to love someone, can you be a lover,”  their statement concluded.

Last year, during Cheer’s concert in Shanghai, China, the singer-songwriter was photographed sporting a new ring on her ring finger. The ring gave rise to speculations that she had tied the knot with Tiger. Cheer later clarified that she had bought the ring for herself, and that it was not a wedding ring.

In January this year, Tiger also made an appearance at Cheer’s concert in Taipei, where the duo appeared to be as close as ever.

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