Cheer Chen’s Christmas date goes terribly wrong

The man the singer-songwriter was spotted kissing turned out to be married, with two children


This May, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Cheer Chen revealed that she had called it quits with her boyfriend of 18 years, Taiwanese music producer Tiger Huang in 2017. The announcement took many by surprise as the couple has remained on good terms following their breakup.

Yesterday (Dec 25), Cheer was spotted on a date with an unnamed man. The couple seemed to be in good spirits, hugging each other and even stopping for a kiss on the streets.

However, hours after the pictures were released, it was revealed that the man in the pictures was leading a double life.

An informant shared that the man worked as a senior assistant manager for a bank in Taiwan, and that he is married with two kids. Although he was reported to be living separately from his wife, the informant added that it “is highly likely that Cheer doesn’t even know that she’s the third party in the man’s marriage”.

When reached for a comment, Cheer’s work studio replied on her behalf. “Cheer only got to know the man recently and she’s not very clear about his family’s situation. She's very startled right now so please give her some time to settle this. Thank you everyone.”

Photos: PBE Media

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