Cheer Chen reportedly being sued for adultery

The singer-songwriter’s ex-boyfriend has spoken up on her behalf


On Wednesday (Dec 25), it was reported that Taiwanese singer-songwriter Cheer Chen had a new beau after she was spotted kissing a man on the streets while out on a date.

Later, it was reported that the man Cheer had been seeing was a married man surnamed Lin, who is married with two kids. Cheer later expressed her astonishment at the revelation, and asked for some time to deal with the matter.

Yesterday (Dec 26), Mr Lin’s wife released a statement accusing Cheer of being a marriage wrecker, and threatened to sue the singer-songwriter.

Taiwanese reports state that Mr. Lin’s wife has known of her husband’s infidelity for over a year, but she did not know the identity of the third party until she saw the pictures of Cheer with her husband earlier this week. She expressed her disbelief that Cheer would not suspect that a 50-year-old man might be married, and described Cheer as “someone who ruined my marriage”. Mr Lin’s wife is said to have already started legal action against Cheer for adultery.

Cheer has since responded through her work studio. “(I feel) astonished and upset, and am extremely apologetic for the hurt I have caused as a result of my ignorance. I have cut off all contact with Mr. Lin, and I apologise. From today onwards, our lawyers will be handling all future matters related to this, and we will not be commenting on this any longer. Thank you for your concern,” the statement read.

Cheer’s ex-boyfriend, Taiwanese music composer Tiger Huang, has also spoken up for Cheer on his personal Facebook.

“A harmful setback, a stumbling block in life, (I) feel sorry and startled, (and will continue to) support Cheer,” he wrote in a post after the news was released. 

Cheer and Tiger dated for 18 years before breaking up in 2017. The ex-couple are still friends with each other, and only announced their break up earlier this year.

Adultery is a criminal offence in Taiwan, and if found guilty, those accused of the crime can be sentenced to jail.

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