Charmaine Sheh gets candid about her past relationships

The actress’s witty replies garnered praise

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Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh recently guested on an episode of Forgive My Bluntness, hosted by the sharp-tongued Kevin Tsai. With her popularity soaring due to her role in the wildly popular period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace, interest in the 43-year-old’s love life has renewed once again.

When asked about her current relationship status, the actress readily shared that she is currently single. Then, Kevin followed up by asking how long has it been since her last relationship, to which Charmaine replied, “yesterday,” to the surprise of Kevin and the other guests.

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However, she soon broke out in a laugh, and shared that she was “just joking”, prompting Kevin to retort that he has "heard that your love life is very fulfilling”. 

After much prodding from Kevin, Charmaine later revealed that she has been in 10 relationships, and went as far as to say that she’d be happy to attend their weddings as well.

She shared that to her, seeing the other party happy, makes her happy as well, regardless of their history together, garnering praises from netizens for her witty replies and open personality.

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