Charmaine Sheh is not dating her female manager

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh clears the air on social media

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Charmaine Sheh’s love life has been thrown into the spotlight again following reports that she is dating her female manager Joanne Chan, who is also the daughter Philip Chan, the former CEO of Emperor Motion Pictures.

Both Charmaine and Joanne are said to have a “very close relationship” and are often seen together. Joanne also knows Charmaine inside out and often buys gifts for the latter’s mother as a display of her interest in Charmaine.

Although the 43-year-old actress maintained that she is “not going to respond to things that aren’t true”, rumours got out of hand and Charmaine subsequently took to social media to clarify the news once and for all.

She posted a picture of her and her manager at the airport and wrote: “She is my manager, my teammate and an extremely good friend of mine. Stop speculating unnecessarily. The end.”

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According to Hong Kong media, Charmaine was reluctant to take on the role of Consort Xian in Chinese palace series Story of Yanxi Palace initially. It was Joanne who convinced her to do the project and who helped her net a big paycheck for it.

Charmaine was said to be the highest paid star on set, and has since earned over HK$60 million (approximately S$10 million) from the series’ popularity thanks to endorsement deals and event appearances.

This is not the first time Charmaine’s love life—or the lack thereof—has come under intense speculation, after her last high-profile relationship with actor Kevin Cheng in 2009. The actress was rumoured to be dating a “fashionable and attractive” man in 2017, but did not confirm or refute rumours about it back then.

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