Charlie Young, Runyin Bai, Li Liren, Jay Shih and more held a press conference to promote their new film Hello Tapir! in Taipei on October 8.

Charlie, who plays Runyin’s mother in the film, was asked if she met up for a run with her friend and Cold War 2 co-star Chow Yun Fat, who was also in Taiwan at that time. She replied, "No, I took my 'son' (Runyin) to Leofoo Village Theme Park. He had told me he wanted to visit when we first met."

Charlie then revealed that Runyin lost baby teeth in the midst of production, so the crew had to make a set of dentures for him. "That was the first time a co-star of mine lost teeth during a shoot!" she laughed.

Liren, who plays Charlie's husband and Runyin's father in the film, said that it was an honour to work with them. "Because my role was not a major one, I had lots of time to take care of my other work and spend time with my family," he said.

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