Charlene Choi, Vincci Cheuk and more attended a press conference to promote their new stage play in Hong Kong on May 28.

Although the two of them are good friends in real life, they play rivals fighting for the affections of the same man. However, Charlene shared that the man does not appear at all on stage, so she and Vincci have decided to imagine their dream man Louis Koo in the role. “It can’t be anyone else!” Vincci quipped.

Vincci’s provocative, low-cut outfit and Charlene’s more conservative suit at the press conference prompted reporters to wonder if the former could actually be the third party in the relationship. However, neither actress confirmed nor denied this, saying, “You have to wait until the end of the play to find out what’s happening!” Charlene also clarified that they were not dressed according to their characters in the play.

When asked how she thinks she would deal with the emergence of a third party in her marriage, Vincci joked that she would confiscate her husband’s important documents (such as his passport and credit cards) and lock him up like a prison inmate. As for Charlene, she said, “It’s easy to say what you might think or do, but at the end of the day, you won’t really know until it really happens to you.”

Photos: TPG