Charlene Choi attended a jewellery brand’s product launch in Hong Kong on May 14, where she shared about her plans to celebrate Twins’ 18th anniversary with Gillian Chung.

“We will be travelling to Japan for a holiday together; in fact, I will be rushing off to the airport after today’s event,” she said. “It will be a ‘romantic’ getaway for just the two of us, filled with eating and drinking.”

The singer-actress added that Gillian’s husband had even booked a stay in a luxury hotel for them. “Although to be honest, we won’t be staying in our hotel room the whole day - if I had known, I would have asked him to get us another expensive gift instead!” she quipped.

Charlene then explained that she recently refrained from making any public appearances for a few days as she had just undergone an egg-freezing procedure and suffered from swelling as a result. However, she happily revealed that the procedure was successful and that they managed to retrieve a sufficient number of eggs.

“But I wish to go back and do it again, just in case,” she said. “The eggs can be stored for 10 years, and after 10 years, I will already be in my 40s, so it might be my last chance to be able to have children.”

Photos: TPG

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