Charlene Choi sustains minor injury on head

The singer-actress injured herself while wakesurfing

charlene choi wakeboarding hurt

Hong Kong singer-actress Charlene Choi recently returned from Moscow, where she was on holiday and has been attending her scheduled work events in Hong Kong.

However, there is a possibility that she will be out of the spotlight for a while after the 35-year-old sustained a minor injury on her head while wakesurfing. She updated her Instagram with a video of her in the waters, and captioned it with, “I finally managed to be on the board for more than two seconds on my second wakesurfing session. But after that… #Celebrating18yearsSinceMyShowbizDebut #SeeingRed”

In the video, she is seen confidently wakesurfing before losing her balance and falling into the water. Charlene is believed to have sustained her injury when she hit her head against the board. She also added a photo of a small gash on her forehead, and what it looked like after being bandaged.

In response to netizens’ comments asking her not to participate in such a dangerous activity and to take care of herself, she also added hashtags thanking them for their concern. One of the hashtags on her post also read, “Every sport has its fair share of risks. Be careful when you’re having fun”.

Her agency has not shared if she will be putting off any of her scheduled events while her injury heals.

Photos: PBE Media

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