What happens if you go against the doctor’s orders to get enough rest, especially after a surgery? Well, Charlene Choi found out the hard way.

A few days ago, the 36-year-old singer-actress shared an update on social media, saying that she “finally fell sick”. During a public appearance for a fashion brand in Hong Kong yesterday (Jul 16), she revealed that it was the result of diving straight back into work after undergoing another egg-freezing procedure earlier this month.

“I was told to get a good rest, but I’ve been so busy rehearsing for my stage play that I haven’t had time to do so, so because of that, I caught a cold,” she said, before adding that she’s feeling much better now.

Charlene then happily reported that the harvest from the latest egg retrieval session was much better than before, and she has successfully frozen over twenty eggs so far. However, she also put on a lot more weight this time, but she has managed to shed most of it. “I’ve been eating glass noodles for a week - I really miss the taste of white rice!” she lamented.

Soon, the topic turned to that of her good friend Rainie Yang’s high-profile engagement to Li Ronghao. “I’m so happy for the both of them!” she gushed. “I sent her a text message to congratulate her as soon as I heard the news. I also advised her to take it slow with the wedding prep and suggested we go on a nice vacation first, and I would be more than happy to be one of her bridesmaids if she asks.”

Photos: TPG