Hong Kong Film Awards nominee Charlene Choi has admitted that she has no idea what to make of her own chances of winning Best Actress on April 14.

"If I say I have no faith in winning, then it'll sound like I don't believe in myself; but I say that I think I stand a high chance of winning, it'll sound like I'm too full of myself! Do you get what I'm trying to say?" laughed the singer-actress, who was speaking at a Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers party on March 2.

Choosing what to wear to the prestigious awards show has also been a headache for her. "It's been quite troublesome to find both a suitable style and an outfit sponsor," she admitted.

Despite being in showbiz for almost two decades, Nancy received a Hong Kong Film Awards nomination for Best Newcomer for her role in Men on the Dragon. "I was very excited when I heard the news," she gushed. "I already received a Best Newcomer award from TVB over 10 years ago, so I never expected to have the chance to be up for this award again."

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