Charlene Choi attended a promotional event for her new film The Lady Improper in Hong Kong on January 19. She admitted that she didn't feel like she made a big "sacrifice" for her nude and provocative scenes in the movie, and that the most important thing is that the audience likes her character.

The actress shares scenes with both Chris Wu and Deep Ng in the film. She praised Chris as an excellent actor, and revealed that Deep has a habit of sweating profusely when he gets nervous. "We had to constantly stop filming so he could wipe away his sweat," she laughed.

In The Lady Improper, Charlene plays a woman who goes through a divorce before meeting a chef who turns her life around. In real life, her own secret marriage to Ronald Cheng ended in 2010. "I used to be very impulsive, but now, I have learned to think carefully before doing something," she shared. "Especially when it comes to marriage, which is a very big decision. I will leave it up to fate."

When asked if she and her boyfriend have talked about taking their relationship to the next level, Charlene laughed and said, "We're happy with the way things are right now; I'm not in a hurry." As for whether she will celebrate the Lunar New Year with her boyfriend's family, she said, "I'm just an ordinary person like everyone else, so it will just be another ordinary day. I will not answer anymore personal questions."

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