Singer-actress Charlene Choi attended the opening ceremony for a beauty brand in Hong Kong on February 11, where she admitted that she "ate too much" over the Lunar New Year holidays and "gained a lot of weight". In order to try and lose weight, she has only been eating vegetables recently, even though the diet gives her a stomachache.

Charlene also shared that her boss, Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung, won a lot of money from a gambling game. "But [singer-songwriter] Kenny Kwan was the biggest winner - he won HK$10,000 (about S$1,700)!" she said.

When asked if she paid a visit to her boyfriend Anthony Shek's home during the festive period, Charlene admitted that she did, but denied that there will be wedding bells anytime soon. "Nobody is pushing us to get married except the media!" she laughed.

Charlene's new film The Lady Improper was recently announced to be nominated for awards at the upcoming Osaka Asian Film Festival. While she is very happy for the director, she doesn't care about winning any awards for herself, saying, "What I'm looking forward to do is eating great food in Osaka!"

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