Charlene Choi, Pakho Chau, Jeana Ho and more attended the lensing ceremony for their new film 77 Heartburns in Hong Kong on December 10.

Charlene and Pakho revealed that this movie continues the story of their characters from the previous film 77 Heartbreaks. This time, however, Charlene was not as involved in the behind-the-scenes work as last time, and she did not incorporate her own romantic experiences into the script.

Since Pakho has to bare his arms for boxing scenes in the movie, he especially focused on them while working out, leading Charlene to praise his improvement in his skills.

When asked if Charlene is worried that her filming schedule will clash with Gillian Chung's wedding ceremony, she happily shared that she already requested to take leave on that day a long time ago. She also shared her thoughts on Gillian's pre-wedding fitness journey that she has been sharing on social media, saying, "Her gym videos have become like food for my soul because her coach is too funny!"

Charlene then reported that the results of Gillian's weight loss efforts have been quite good, and that she hopes that they work out together one day.

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