Charlene Choi, Chris Wu, Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, and many more attended the premiere of The Lady Improper in Hong Kong on April 1.

Charlene and Chris raved about working with each other, with Charlene praising her co-star as someone who's not just a good actor, but a man who takes good care of women.

As the movie has many intimate scenes, Chris shared that he made sure to always have proper discussions and rehearsals with Charlene and the director prior to filming. "A lot of the beautiful scenes were actually very hard to make," said Charlene.

Both actors then said that they would love to work together again, but Chris laughed that he should brush up on his Cantonese before that. When asked if Charlene taught him the language during filming, Chris appeared embarrassed, before the former piped up, "His swearing is the most up to standard!"

When the topic switched to the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards, Charlene sounded frustrated as she admitted that she has yet to select an outfit for the ceremony. "I just want a simple dress, but everything they sent to me is too revealing and difficult to wear!"

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