With Gillian Chung having found her happily-ever-after, it seems all eyes are now on the relationship status of her Twins’ bandmate, Charlene Choi. And just like Gillian, it seems Charlene (affectionately known as “Ah Sa”) is also currently in a stable relationship.
Recently, Charlene spent four days in Phuket holidaying with her wealthy boyfriend, Anthony Shi, dubbed the “Billionaire Mahjong Prince” by the Hongkong press as he’s the son of a mahjong den scion. 

According to a Feb 20 report by Hongkong’s Next Magazine, the couple were spotted in the Hongkong airport, where they deliberately kept a distance from each other. Charlene even wore a hat and mask to remain incognito. But of course, there were eagle-eyed passers-by who still recognised the star. After the couple arrived in Phuket, Charlene wasted no time flaunting on IG a shot of herself on the beach at sunset... the photo presumably taken by Anthony. Upon their return to Hongkong, Charlene exited the airport first. 20 minutes later, Anthony exited and subsequently boarded Charlene’s car.

The couple reportedly started dating last April. The busy actress reportedly applied for leave three times in less than a year to go on holidays with her beau. Last year, Charlene even flew to India with Anthony and his family to attend a wedding. According to Hongkong media reports, Anthony’s family is very fond of Charlene ’cos she isn't a diva and is more than capable of earning her own keep.

Anthony, who now manages his family business, reportedly has personal assets worth more than HKD100 million (S$16.9 mil). His father, Shi Jian Hui, dubbed the “King of Mahjong Dens”, is a savvy businessman who has reportedly raked in millions from his mahjong den business and investments. Charlene herself also has enough assets to last her a lifetime. In 2015, the actress purchased a HKD$40 million (S$6.7 mil) luxury home. Fun fact: In 2010, after divorcing Hong Kong singer-actor Ronald Cheng, she joked to reporters: “Spilt assets? Do you mean me splitting my assets with him?”

In June last year, during a brand event, when asked if she enjoys playing mahjong as her boyfriend is the son of a mahjong den scion, the 35-year-old actress replied, “[I'm] not talking about this and we are happy now. Please let me off since I am growing old now.” When asked if she would be getting married soon, she replied, “Why should I?” Recently, an insider revealed that while Charlene is not in a hurry to settle down, she “is close to her partner’s family." "Everyone is guessing that there will be happy news soon. It all boils down to when Anthony makes the move,” added the insider.

Charlene’s love life hasn’t exactly been smooth-sailing. After she divorced Ronald in 2010, Charlene started dating Hongkong singer-actor William Chan. But in 2015, they announced their break-up with this statement: “Our love wasn’t as strong as we thought it was.” Charlene was reportedly devastated by the break-up, and was wary of falling in love again. Well, now that she has a new love in her life, here’s hoping that it will last. Pong ah!