Cecilia Liu reportedly suffering from post-natal depression

Some speculated that the actress’s relationship with her mother-in-law is a contributing factor


Just last month, Chinese actress Cecilia Liu gave birth to her first child, a baby boy. Since then, the 32-year-old has been recuperating at a confinement centre.

However, recent reports have claimed that the actress is currently suffering from post-natal depression. Cecilia is reported to be prone to crying, and often feels down. As a result, it might take quite a while before the actress can return to work.

Once the reports were published, fans of Cecilia immediately started leaving comments expressing their concern for the actress. Some also speculated that the cause of Cecilia’s post-natal depression might be due to her mother-in-law.

According to earlier reports, her husband, Taiwanese singer-actor Nicky Wu’s mother has a particularly strong personality. As Cecilia spent most of her pregnancy resting in Taiwan, she spent a lot of time with her mother-in-law. However, there was conflict between the two of them, contributing to Cecilia’s post-natal depression.

A number of netizens then stepped up to debunk the rumours that Nicky’s mother was the cause, sharing that a lot of mothers suffer from post-natal depression, as being a mother, particularly for the first time, can be very stressful. Additionally, most of the attention is typically focused on the newborn child, potentially causing the mother to feel neglected.

When reached for a comment, Cecilia’s team refuted the reports, saying that there is “nothing going on”.

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