Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu's video sparks curiosity among fans

The actress has cut back on her public appearances after tying the knot

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Chinese actress Cecilia Liu has taken a step back from the spotlight after registering her marriage with Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu in 2015, and subsequently tying the knot in a lavish ceremony the following year. 

The 31-year-old has not made any public appearances since June this year, with a recent video, released by a netizen, being the only ‘sighting' of the actress in the past three months.

In an undated video making the rounds on the internet recently, Cecilia was finally spotted as she and her husband congratulate an unnamed couple on their marriage and wish them the best in their relationship. In the video, viewers were also treated to the couple's adorable bantering, with Cecilia turning to face Nicky with a smile on her face as she spoke.

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Cecilia’s hairstyle, a short, wavy cut also drew the attention of fans, who heaped compliments upon the actress. However, some fans also shared that it was possible that the video was not filmed recently.

Due to Cecilia's inactivity on social media, her Weibo account's level has since dropped to a lower status. Her fans have remarked that this is not out of the ordinary for the actress, who rarely posts on the platform, with some adding that it seems that the social media platform does not give anyone, even celebrities, special treatment.

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