Cecilia Liu gives us first glimpse of her firstborn

The Chinese actress shared a photo of her baby boy on her Weibo account

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Celebrity couple Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu welcomed their first child, a son, in April. Since then, the couple has kept a low profile, with many of their fans hoping for a glimpse at their baby boy.

Their wishes were finally granted on June 6, when Cecilia updated her Weibo account with a photo of her son to cheer on those taking their college exams. She carefully blocked out his eyes with a sticker, and added a sticker of a mortarboard on his head, along with the words ‘you will succeed’ (必胜).

Fans were touched by her gesture, but at the same time, they cooed over the bundle of joy who was wearing a onesie designed to look like a tuxedo. His pacifier also had a fake moustache on it, making the little boy appear even more adorable.

Since welcoming their first child, Cecilia and Nicky have been embroiled in negative press as news outlets claimed that she is suffering from post-natal depression, which was caused in part by the conflicts between her and her mother-in-law.

This was fuelled further as some claimed that Cecilia was forced to fly back to Beijing to be with her family as she could not take the stress from having to constantly be with Nicky’s mother. 

Neither Nicky nor Cecilia have stepped forward to address the speculation, as the couple has constantly maintained a low profile, ignored speculative reports and only make announcements as they deem fit.

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