Cecilia Cheung will not tell her sons why she divorced Nicholas Tse

The actress has been raising her two sons singlehandedly since her high-profile divorce from their father


Hong Kong actress and DJ Engina Law recently had a press conference to promote her new book Yong You Shi Qu (roughly translated to “To have gained and lost”), which includes several personal stories about her good friend, fellow actress Cecilia Cheung, and the latter’s experience with raising her two sons singlehandedly.

According to Engina, the 37-year-old actress believes that “action speaks louder than words”, which was why she has yet to tell her sons why she divorced their father, Hong Kong singer Nicholas Tse, seven years ago.

“Cecilia hopes that her children will understand her feelings when they are older,” Engina shared. “I think she’s a really amazing mother, but she tells me that she occasionally blows her top while educating her children, as she will get too emotional.”

Thankfully, according to Cecilia, her sons, 10-year-old Lucas and 7-year-old Quintus, are well behaved and sensible most of the time. Lucas will give her body massages when she returns home from work, and will also comfort her with sweet words.

Engina further shared that Cecilia had an unhappy childhood when she was growing up, as her parents often quarreled with each other and even considered aborting Cecilia before she was born. It is for this reason that Cecilia was glad when her parents decided to split up, and how she managed to handle her own divorce with Nicholas relatively well.

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