Cecilia Cheung tries to fly back to Hong Kong every day to see her sons

“This is the sense of security that I’ve tried to give my sons.”

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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has always tried her best to be there for her three sons despite her busy schedule. Her boys, Lucas, 11, Quintus, 9 and Marcus, 1, are believed to be based in Hong Kong, while she jets about for work.

The mother-of-three revealed more about how she does her best for her sons in a video uploaded onto her Weibo on December 30. She started her video with, “It’s the year 2019 and I’m 39. I have three adorable children. I’m an actress by profession, but being a mum is a job that I have for life.”

Cecilia continued, “The distance from Beijing to Hong Kong is 2,475 kilometres, and the flight time between the two cities is three hours and 15 minutes. There have been countless mornings where I’ve boarded a plane and left Hong Kong when my kids were sleeping.”

“Flying from place to place is part of my daily routine, but every night I’ll do my best to fly back home to kiss my sons and tell them goodnight. This is the sense of security that I’ve tried to give my sons.”

She added that having experienced both being at the top and falling to the bottom, she has now learned how to slow down and smell the roses.

“Cecilia Cheung was very blessed in 2019, and I’m ready for what 2020 has to bring,” she declared as she ended the video.

Her video has been met with a positive reaction from netizens, who praised her for putting her children first regardless of how busy she gets.

Some, however, questioned how much she spends on flight tickets in a year, adding that while noble, her declaration will cause unnecessary stress to parents who do not have the financial means to jet around to see their kids as often as Cecilia does.

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