With the COVID-19 situation under control in certain parts of the world, life is slowly going back to what it used to be. In China, showbiz projects, which were previously pushed back indefinitely because of the pandemic, are back on track.

And for celebs, that means that it’s time to get back to work.

Cecilia Cheung recently completed her mandatory 14-day quarantine in China on September 29. While the 40-year-old was in isolation, she made the most of her time by uploading vlogs and among those videos are some of her learning Mandarin from a language teacher over video calls.

In the videos, Ceci, who speaks Mandarin with a very thick Cantonese accent, is seen reciting passages for the teacher, who then corrects her on her enunciation.

“You should say ‘I’m sorry’ in a soft tone,” the instructor is heard telling Ceci, who immediately asked: “Which of the four tones is a soft tone, then?” Her teacher's reply? “You just asked a very good question. You’re very intelligent. Thankfully, I’m well-prepared for this question.” The video was cut off before she gave the answer.

Netizens were quick to praise Cecilia, with one saying, “Honestly, most of us grew up speaking Mandarin and even then, I don’t think we’ve ever put this much thought into it. The fact that she can ask questions like this shows that she’s sincere about learning.”