Cecilia Cheung spends quality time with her sons

She has increased the number of posts about her boys after being accused of being a serial liar


Earlier this month, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung was caught up in an online controversy, with netizens accusing the 39-year-old of being a serial liar. The accusations came about after Cecilia seemed to be unable to name the dishes she cooked at home despite claiming to cook for her sons every day.

Soon after, Cecilia’s former manager, producer Tiffany Chen chimed in. Tiffany, who is known to be on bad terms with Cecilia, posted an ambiguous message ranting about an anonymous female who is “not well-educated”, “speaks without thinking” and “exaggerates everything, till it's to her liking”. Tiffany’s post was met with much criticism, and she eventually deleted the post and clarified that she was not referring to Cecilia.

A few days later, Cecilia indirectly responded to the controversy by uploading videos of her preparing a meal for her sons.


Since then, the actress seems to have put everything behind her, uploading a series of posts featuring her two eldest sons, Lucas, 11, and Quintus, 9 instead. In a post featuring selfies she took after a meal with them, netizens marvelled at the distinct personalities that the two boys showed through these photos.

While Quintus gamely hammed it up for the cameras with a series of cheeky poses, Lucas played it cool and was seen with a serious expression in the snaps.

In another post uploaded earlier today (June 11), Cecilia reviewed a baby play toy that appeared to have been purchased for her youngest son, seven-month-old ‘Little Prince'. Although Marcus wasn't seen in the short video, Cecilia carefully goes through the instructions for the toy, reminding other all other mothers to read through instructions carefully before use.

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