Cecilia Cheung shares more about third son in new video

The actress went shopping for clothes for the five-month-old


Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has finally revealed more about her third son, who was born in November last year, in her latest vlog post on Tuesday (April 30). Marcus, who was nicknamed “Little Prince” in Chinese by Cecilia, was the subject of intense media scrutiny, as Cecilia went to great pains to conceal his birth, as well as the identity of his father.

Although the 38-year-old often shares pictures of her two elder sons, Lucas, 11, and Quintus, 9, on her social media, she rarely mentions Marcus, and has yet to share a photo of him. 

On Tuesday, the actress uploaded a vlog of her daily life, which showed her picking Quintus up after school before heading to a mall to shop for new clothes for Little Prince as he has “grown so fat that we have to buy bigger clothes for him again”. The 38-year-old also shared her requirements for baby clothes, revealing that it “cannot to be too expensive” and must be “hypoallergenic, comfortable, and safe”.

In order to allow the shop assistant to better gauge Little Prince’s size, Cecilia brought along a set of clothing that the five-month-old had grown out of. Upon seeing Little Prince’s clothes, a number of fans expressed their surprise, sharing that the five-month-old seems to be quite big for his age.


While shopping, Cecilia also let Quintus pick a pair of shoes out for himself, even praising him for his eye for fashion. She added that she did not interfere while he choosing the design as she wanted to respect his choices. 

Once Quintus had made his decision, Cecilia showed her approval by joking that she wanted to get the same pair for herself, only to receive a glare from her boy.

Photos: PBE Media

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