Cecilia Cheung’s work studio rebukes actor for misleading post

The actor posted a picture of him with a baby boy that was speculated to be Cecilia’s third child

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It seems that neither the tabloids nor the general public has any intentions of cooling down with the speculative reports regarding the identity of Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s baby daddy.

First, it was rumoured that the father of 2-month-old ‘Little Prince’ was a wealthy Singaporean businessman, then a Chinese businessman. Later, it was said that the father was actually Cecilia’s ex-husband, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse. Then, the father of ‘Little Prince’ became Chinese director Stephen Chow. All these reports were swiftly denied by Cecilia’s work studio, which has repeatedly called out for these baseless speculations to come to an end.

Now, netizens are speculating that the father might be 29-year-old Taiwanese actor, He Meng Huai.

Meng Huai and Cecilia once appeared together in reality show The Goddess’s Choice, where three female celebrity ‘goddesses’ would travel with a number of male contestants on a ‘romantic holiday’, where the latter has to try and capture the hearts of the women. On the show, Meng Huai and Cecilia had a number of interactions, with Meng Huai confessing his love for Cecilia. As a result, it was rumoured that the two of them were dating, and that they are currently engaged.

Recently, Meng Huai posted a selfie of him with a baby boy with the caption, “Super Dad”. Many netizens then speculated that it might be Cecilia’s Little Prince in the picture, and wished the couple well in their relationship.

However, Cecilia’s work studio has refuted these reports, accusing Meng Huai of intentionally posting the picture and causing a misunderstanding. “We’ve denied similar rumours repeatedly in the past. Have you set aside your integrity, just to get some free publicity! (We are) firmly denouncing these lies, and deny these reports.”

Cecilia confirmed last month that she had indeed given birth to her third child, nicknamed ‘Little Prince’, after weeks of speculation. She also has two older sons, Lucas and Quintus, with ex-husband Nicholas Tse.

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