Hongkong actress Cecilia Cheung, 37, is famously devoted to her family, and has been known to frequently bail her folks out of their messy financial woes.

Her father, the notorious triad leader known as ‘Bearded Yung’, allegedly went on the run in 2013 after swindling his business partner of over S$415K, leaving Cecilia to deal with his debts. The actress also bought a car for her younger brother, Cheung Pak Man, 32, who, if the tabloids are to be believed, cheated her later by declaring an inflated price for the car to get more money from her, causing them to fall out.

The siblings eventually made up, with Cecilia buying a fleet of vehicles (including a S$118K van) to help Pak Man and their elder brother, Ronnie Cheung Ho Lung, 37, start a ride-sharing business on Uber in 2015.

Aspiring actor Ronnie, whose showbiz career failed to take off, also had a career as a competitive wakeboarder.

But it seems that the chauffeuring biz has turned the Cheungs’ fortunes around. According to the Hongkong media, Ronnie recently bought a S$4.2mil apartment in Tai Po, Hongkong.

Journos then speculated that it was impossible for Ronnie to afford that apartment since driving Uber doesn’t exactly rake in the big bucks, and that Cecilia must have forked out money for her brother again. 

Cecilia’s Eurasian mother, Davies Shally, also started working as an Uber driver last year, ferrying close to 500 passengers in three months and earning five-star ratings.

Her mum's new career came after Cecilia Instagrammed a since-deleted emo post hinting that she was exhausted from providing for her family, especially 'cos she does not receive alimony from ex-husband Nicholas Tse after their bitter divorce.

From the outside, it looks like Mama Cheung had fallen on hard times. But maybe she had figured everything out and is on her way to buying her own super-luxe property?