Cecilia Cheung’s third son’s birth certificate revealed

According to the document circulating online, the little boy was born on November 18, 2018

cecilia son

The mystery surrounding Cecilia Cheung’s third son has continued to spark curiosity among netizens, as the actress has kept her silence about the identity of her third son’s father a secret, along with his name, date of birth and other details.

However, the 38-year-old’s continued silence has caused the public to be even more determined to find out more details about the little boy, which has resulted in the emergence of a document that is reportedly the infant’s birth certificate.

In the birth certificate that has been circulating wildly, the date of birth is written as November 18, which would put the infant at a little over three months of age. His registered name is Marcus Cheung, with his Chinese name written as Li Cheng.

Notably, Marcus’ surname is the same as Cecilia’s, and the field in which his father’s name is meant to be filled in is empty. In the document, Cecilia is named as Marcus’ mother.

Cecilia has yet to comment on the validity of the document, which has led some to believe that it is indeed her third son’s birth certificate. Previously, when rumours about the identity of her son’s father were circulated online, she quickly denied those speculations with a written statement from her work studio.

According to news reports, the baby is currently residing in Vancouver, Canada with her parents. They claimed that the actress sent him there soon after he turned a month old so that he would be shielded from the media there.

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