Cecilia Cheung’s third child was not born out of love?

There’s still no word from the singer-actress after two weeks of speculation about third pregnancy

cecilia cheung baby

On November 29, Hong Kong media outlets reported that Cecilia Cheung had secretly given birth to her third child. This piece of news shocked many as there were no previous reports of the singer-actress being pregnant, or even having a new love interest.

However, follow-up reports claimed that the father of her baby is a wealthy 65-year-old Singapore magnate and hails from the F&B industry. They went on to claim that the pair met as Cecilia and her sons, Quintus and Lucas, spend most of their time in Singapore.

Other news outlets, however, claimed that Cecilia’s partner is a 50-year-old man who was introduced to her by her father, along with speculation that the baby daddy is actually a wealthy Chinese businessman.

Despite the rumours that have been spreading like wildfire, Cecilia has maintained her silence on the matter, not once speaking up formally about allegations of a new beau or a third child.

The latest wave of reports, however, have ramped things up a notch by claiming that her third child was not born out of love, but was instead part of a transactional relationship between Cecilia and the father of her child. Hong Kong reports shared that Cecilia, who previously expressed her wish to have five children, did not wish to have a high-risk pregnancy later on in life and wanted to give birth to another child as soon as possible.

They went on to speculate that Cecilia wants to use the birth of this child to signal the start of a new chapter in her life, and to bring good luck to herself with a new addition to her family. The reports ended with the media outlets sharing that Cecilia wishes to establish herself as an independent and brave woman who is willing to do anything to pursue her own happiness, even if it means bringing up three children single-handedly.

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