Being a single mum is tough, as Cecilia Cheung can attest. Since the Hongkong actress divorced actor Nicholas Tse in 2011, she has gotten sole custody of their two sons Lucas, 10, and Quintus, 7, and has been raising them by herself.

(Fact: She briefly moved to Singapore with her two boys in 2014 after the acrimonious split so that the kids could live in a conducive environment. Nic, who has since resumed an on-off relationship with Mandopop queen Faye Wong, is said to be minimally involved with his kids.)

And it seems that juggling her showbiz career and child-rearing has taken a toll on Cecilia, 37, as she recently Instagrammed deeply unglam photos of herself fast asleep during a sushi meal.

She had reportedly brought her sons to a carnival in the day. They then had dinner at a sushi restaurant, where the exhausted Cecilia nodded off at the table.

Her son, Lucas, took it upon himself to prop up his mum’s head by her chin, and carefully picked food out of her teeth with a toothpick.

“I have been busy with work lately and dozed off. [Lucas] not only accompanied me but helped me pick my teeth. Tell me, how can I not love you?” gushed Cecilia’s Instagram post, which also included a video of the, er, teeth-picking process.

Which you can watch below if you're so inclined. 

Her fans immediately praised Lucas for being “handsome and caring” and were touched by his thoughtful actions. They also expressed concern for Cecilia’s health. Our takeaway? Man, she sure is a heavy sleeper. 

Cecilia is set to make her TV comeback next year after a 10-year small screen hiatus with the Chinese drama Perhaps, Love.  

But the problem of her having too much work may be a happy one.

According to media reports, her career has nosedived since her 2008 nude photo scandal (which showed her having sex with reformed bad boy Edison Chen) and her 2011 divorce from Nicholas Tse.

She was also fired in 2015 by her longtime manager and show producer Tiffany Chen, who complained about her difficult attitude on the film set.

Perhaps now that work is picking up again for Cecilia, her mum no longer has to work as a bakery shop cashier and Uber driver after the actress was reportedly unable to support her folks due to her dwindling income. 

But considering that Nic had bought luxury apartments for his parents and sister lately, it does appear strange that his ex-wife and kids are left struggling financially.