Cecilia Cheung reveals extreme post-birth diet plan

The actress wants to lose her baby weight as soon as possible


Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has revealed her post-birth diet plan in a vlog (video log) uploaded by her work studio. In the clip, she revealed that she only eats one boiled egg for lunch. She continued that if she still feels hungry after that, she would then snack on raw onions to curb her appetite.

The vlog also showed the mother-of-three preparing dinner using ingredients such as prawns, beef, chicken, sausages, broccoli and tofu. However, it was later revealed that that meal was for her two sons, Lucas and Quintus. For Cecilia herself, she eats just vegetables for her dinner, and quipped that she’s now afraid of being a vegetarian, due to her diet.

In a later video, Cecilia shared the reason for her extreme diet, revealing that she wanted to lose weight after giving birth to her third child, a son who is only known to the public by his nickname ‘Little Prince’.

After finding out about the actress's meal plan, netizens and fans alike shared that they are concerned that the actress is eating too little. Many also cautioned Cecilia, hoping for her to take care of her body, as she only gave birth late last year.

Cecilia confirmed in December last year that she had given birth to her third child, nicknamed ‘Little Prince’, after weeks of speculation. She also has two older sons, Lucas and Quintus, with ex-husband Nicholas Tse.

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