Cecilia Cheung responds to speculation about father of her child

This is the first time that the mother-of-three has publicly addressed these rumours

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Cecilia Cheung was rumoured to have given to her third child last month, and after weeks of speculation, she confirmed that she had indeed welcomed another son, nicknamed ‘Little Prince’ to the family. However, she continued to keep her silence with regards to the father of her child despite speculation about his identity.

As she continued to keep mum, the latest wave of rumours stated that the father of her third child is Chinese showbiz magnate Sun Dong Hai, whom she was previously rumoured to  be seeing back in 2015.

At the time, Dong Hai was said to have forked out a hefty RMB 60 million (S$11.93 million) to buy a piece of property near the Beijing airport so that Cecilia, Lucus, Quintus and himself could spend time together. His 12-year age gap with Cecilia also matches the description of one of the men that reports stated was the father of the child, which led to netizens believing that there was truth behind the reports.

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Dong Hai, who is close to Patrick Tse, is reportedly regarded by Nicholas Tse as an uncle. This caused some to wonder about how the Tses would feel about their family friend dating Nicholas’ former wife.

However, it seems that the Hong Kong singer-actress has had enough of the speculation as her work studio reposted a report about Sun Dong Hai with a simple caption, “It’s false.” The original post has since been deleted by the news outlet.

Cecilia’s work studio has further shared that the 38-year-old will no longer issue any statements nor comments about the identity of the father of Cecilia’s third child.

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