Cecilia Cheung reportedly broke up with baby daddy before birth of 'Little Prince'

An insider alleges that this is why the actress refuses to reveal his identity


Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third child, a baby boy nicknamed Little Prince secretly late last year. The news of her pregnancy and delivery took many by surprise as she went to great lengths to keep it a secret despite the many unconfirmed reports and sightings of Cecilia and her family at the hospital.

In December last year, she confirmed that she had indeed given birth to her third child and later shared that she will not be responding to any speculations regarding the father of her child.

However, various media outlets continued publishing articles, sharing the possible identities of Little Prince’s father. From a 65-year-old Singaporean businessman, to Chinese showbiz magnate Sun Dong Hai, as well as Chinese director Stephen Chow, and even the actress’s ex-husband, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, a number of names have been thrown out by the media. However, their reports were eventually denied by Cecilia.

On Saturday (March 16), an insider revealed the reason for Cecilia’s continued silence when it comes to her baby daddy. 

“The reason why Cecilia has not revealed the father of her child despite confirming that she has given birth is because she broke up with him even before the birth of her third child,” the insider said. “That's why she doesn't ever mention him.”

Last month, Cecilia posted a picture on Instagram, captioned, “It's a blessing if there's someone present to help you. It's a challenge if there isn't anyone to help you. You're a strong person if you're able to navigate the twists and turns in store for you. Being able to endure suffering means that you’re a winner.” 

At the time, many had thought that she was merely reflecting on the hardships of being a single mother. However, in light of the insider’s revelations, many now wonder if Cecilia was writing about her failed relationship as well.

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