Cecilia Cheung posts video of her ripping out her son’s baby tooth

Nine-year-old Quintus looked less enthusiastic about it compared to 2017.

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Cecilia Cheung: singer, actress… budding dentist?

Yesterday (Jan 13), the 39-year-old demonstrated her unexpected teeth-handling skills with a two-part video on Instagram featuring her second son, nine-year-old Quintus Tse, and a baby tooth that needed removing.

In the first one-minute clip, Cecilia is seen reaching for her boy’s mouth and asking him to open wide. However, an understandably nervous-looking Quintus backs away and whimpers, “I’m scared, I’m scared. Can you do it slowly?”

Even after some coaxing by his mum, Quintus still can’t bring himself to let her yank the tooth out. “I can’t do it,” he sighs, but Cecilia persists. “Open your mouth! Don’t lean back!” she commands in a mix of English and Cantonese. 

Still terrified, Quintus decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to pull out the tooth by himself, but fails. “See? Give it to me,” his mother says. “You don’t have to be scared - you’re nine years old!”

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We finally see progress in the second clip when Cecilia rips out the tooth in one swift motion. Although it was clearly not without pain - judging from the loud groan from poor Quintus - there wasn’t much bleeding. “It only took a second so there isn’t much blood,” she says. “There would have been more blood if you had done it yourself.”

This isn’t the first time Cecilia has helped Quintus get rid of his baby teeth. In 2017, she removed his two front teeth but only shared the aftermath (a photo of the bloody teeth and a grinning seven-year-old with two new gaps in his smile) instead of the process.

Strangely, Quintus seemed much more enthusiastic back then. “Thank you, mummy, for doing this to me!” he gushed in a short video Cecilia had shared, although he did complain that “blood tastes so bad”. Once bitten, twice shy, we guess?

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Quintus is Cecilia’s second child from her six-year marriage to Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, which ended in 2012. The former couple are also parents to 12-year-old Lucas. Cecilia gave birth to her third son Marcus in 2018, but the identity of the baby’s father remains a mystery.

Photos: Instagram/Cecilia Cheung


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