As everyone knows, dabbling in real estate can be a very hit-or-miss financial risk. On one hand, you could do a Stephen Chow and make a sweet profit just by sinking your money into the right building… or you could lose a seven-figure sum like Tony Leung when the market doesn’t go your way.

Then there’s the issue of whether you can find tenants in the first place — a problem that's reportedly been bugging Cecilia Cheung. In 2011 (not long before she and ex-hubby Nicholas Tse announced their divorce), the Hongkong star bought a 2,786 sq ft unit on two upper floors of Century Tower for HK$128mil (S$23mil), which was a record-breaking HK$45,944 (about S$8,260) per sq ft at that time.

Three years later, she was rumoured to have listed the property for HK$200mil (about S$36mil), but the eye-watering price tag was said to have scared off potential buyers (can you blame them, though?). The price was later reduced to HK$168mil (S$30.2mil) in 2017.

Real estate luck continued to evade Cecilia. During the Hongkong pro-democracy movement in June last year, luxury property prices fell, and the 40-year-old further lowered the price to HK$150mil (S$27mil), but still, there were no takers.

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