Cecilia Cheung loses her cool after passerby snaps photo of her youngest son

The star has gone to great lengths to protect the privacy of the 1-year-old


Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung was spotted at an amusement park with her three sons, Lucas, 12, Quintus, 7, and Marcus, 1 on January 1.

During the outing, the 38-year-old uploaded a number of pictures and videos of them having fun at the amusement park, although she took great care to conceal the face of her youngest son, Marcus.

However, their outing was interrupted by a passerby who had recognised the singer-actress and attempted to secretly take a photo of Marcus’s face.

In retaliation, Cecilia took a picture of the passer-by’s face, and uploaded it on her Instagram Stories, with a sticker obscuring their face.

“(This post is addressed) to the gentleman in this photo. Please do not secretly take photos of my kids and respect the privacy of other people!” she wrote.


Cecilia gave birth to Marcus in November 2018 without ever announcing her pregnancy. However, news of Marcus’s birth soon leaked to the media, forcing the singer-actress to publicly confirm the news.

However, she refused to reveal the identity of Marcus’s father. Cecilia has yet to reveal Marcus’s face as well, despite openly posting pictures of her two older sons on her social media pages. 

Her two older sons, Lucas and Quintus are from her marriage to Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse. The couple tied the knot in 2006, and divorced five years later, in 2011.

Photos: PBE Media

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